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My article on workaholism in a new e-book

It’s a great honor to see my article, Dealing With Workaholism On Web Teams, published on Smashing Magazine a few months ago, being republished, now as a part of an e-book.

Work Smart, Live Healthy by Smashing Magazine

The title of the e-book is Work Smart, Live Healthy and it focuses on practical ways that make our every day routine as web professionals a bit better. You can certainly find the same articles online and free. But I would recommend you to get the book. Why? Because when reading those articles one after…

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Information Entropy

In a world that pushes you, sometimes too hard, to produce and consume more information, quality lies in a different direction. It has to do with everything and it has to do with design itself.

Oliver Reichenstein from Information Architects shows us that direction and talks about its principles:

  • slow down
  • focus on the process
  • embrace negativity
  • don't be afraid of repetition
  • care for the details

This is a valuable analysis.

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How to win in Civilization Revolution 2 (Deity Level)

I never thought I would write a mini guide for a game one day. But if it has to do with the legendary Civilization, things change. I've been playing this game, my favourite one, for more than 15 years—my addiction is obvious.

Civilization Revolution 2, was launched nearly a month ago for iOS devices. While the AI of the game needs work, there are many things to like. For example, the tactics required to reach to victory and the gameplay are extraordinary.

If you like the game I think you will find my short guide interesting. Without further ado here…

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The Design of Current Apps for Drivers is Bad. Let’s Improve it.
The Design of Current Apps for Drivers is Bad. Let’s Improve it.

In other words: meet opinionated software. An article for NaviDeck.

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A story of stupidity

upNorth Conference, 2014.

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