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Dealing With Workaholism On Web Teams - An article for Smashing Magazine

I always thought workaholism hurts work, hurts teams, and most of all it hurts people. Not everyone endorses this view. In fact, it seems a whole industry, our industry, promotes workaholism.

So I had to do something about it. It took months and an incredible amount of work to finally be able to publish an article about workaholism and web teams. It happened on Smashing Magazine and this makes me even prouder. So here is Dealing With Workaholism On Web Teams.

The number and quality of comments that followed surprised me. I never thought so many people share…

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Meaning & Structure: a new HTML theme

Despite what you might consider, the market that covers HTML themes and templates is not saturated. At least this is my solid thought according to the research I made the latest months. So I prepared an HTML theme which aims to help you develop websites very quickly. Please meet Meaning & Structure.

Meaning & Structure preview

What can you find in this theme?

  • Many headers, footers, home pages and color schemes in order to personalise it. This theme comes in two flavours, white and dark.
  • More than 40 templates and several spacial…

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Delivering Delight

If someone would ask me "Who is the designer who influenced you most?", I would answer, Doug Bowman. I follow Bowman from the early days of his career when he redesigned the website of WIRED magazine with no tables. Remember?

Anyway, in Delivering Delight Bowman shows us six ways to approach design in order to bring delight to our website visitors. What is even more interesting is that he talks about our design approach in general.

I think this keynote is just wonderful.

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The Design of Current Apps for Drivers is Bad. Let’s Improve it.
The Design of Current Apps for Drivers is Bad. Let’s Improve it.

In other words: meet opinionated software. An article for NaviDeck.

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