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We're a small web design and development studio with a purpose: to help your business thrive.
But we don't stop there. We always work with decency and transparency because we like it this way. And we know you like too.
We happen to create fantastic web projects.

If this looks promising, take a look at our work below or send us an email.


High quality design products for everyday people. Svørn is a fresh brand that pays tremendous attention to design. The results: their customers are 100% happy.

Role: Web design / Shopify development

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Of The Greek Earth

Peaks, Plains and Pastures of the Greek Earth. A project about the finest products of Greek earth, a project of love and care.

Role: Web design / UI Design/ Art Direction

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Crete Home 4 you

Plots & Houses in Southern Crete. A real estate company that focuses on the needs of their clients, not theirs.

Role: Web design / UI Design/ Art Direction

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Rent a Car - Chania

Your next car in Crete, Greece is waiting for you. A quality service for modern people who aim to take the best of Crete.

Role: Web design / UI Design/ Art Direction

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Aris BC

The official website of Aris BC, the greek basketball team, which proved to be one of the best ones in european courts in the 80s and the 90s. The team of the basketball legend, Nick Galis.

Role: Web design / Wordpress development

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Bloggable is one of the coolest Greek newsletters. In fact it is an open door to new products and services for modern people. Always with style.
(Available in Greek only.)

Role: Newsletter design

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Project X

An iPad app that aims to help drivers enjoy their ride without compromising security. The app offers specific guidance regarding the driving circumstances and also a map and a music mode. It has been designed according to the strict specifications governing driving.

Role: iOS design

The app is currently not available for download.


Netrobe is an ambitious startup that focuses on helping its members take control of their wardrobe and make it more and more useful by time. And more interesting too.

Role: Front-end development

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One of the most well known bakery houses in Greece. The brand includes various shops which attract thousands of customers, especially during the summer in Chalkidiki, Greece.

Role: Website design / UI design / Front-end development / Expression Engine development

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Panic Eye

A small yet very special photography studio, which specializes in wedding and baptism photography. Panic Eye makes your moment last. No, really.

Role: Website design / UI design / UX design / Front-end development / Expression Engine development

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AbZorba Games

AbZorba Games is a leader in gaming for iOS and Android ecosystems. The company has developed a series of apps which have been downloaded millions of times. Their fans? Absolutely dedicated.

Role: Website design / UI design / Front-end development

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Jupitee is a service which helps business owners or other professionals create their own iOS and Android apps with the minimum effort and price.

Role: Website design / UI design / Front-end development / Expression Engine development

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An online auction platform for people who love paper. eCharta is more than an ambitious startup; it is a place which aims to become the leader service when it comes to paper collectors.

Role: Information architecture / Website design / UI design / Front-end development

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A leader in constructions regarding agricultural buildings and green energy systems. A modern company with a long history and a bright future.

Role: Website design / UI design / Front-end development / Expression Engine development

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Mata Rozi

A project that combines both the professional and the personal face of its owner. Mata Rozi is a great professional in educational and consultative services.
(Available in Greek only.)

Role: Website design / UI design / Front-end development / Expression Engine development

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A type of tequila and a theme for Tumblr.
As sober as it can be.

Role: Website design / UI design / Tumblr theming

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About us

porcupine colors is the creative face of Yiannis Konstantakopoulos. Yiannis has been engaged in many succesful web projects as a freelancer or as a part of a team and his work has been awarded several times.
However, the results of our work are rarely a one man show. We collaborate with teams of professionals in order to help each other and to provide excellent work.

We treat design partly as craft and partly as science. Analysis and meticulousness are our main weapons. At the same time we believe in serendipity so we strive to provoke her all the time.
We have been writing HTML & CSS code for over a decade. Web Standards, CSS3, Responsive web design, Design in the browser, yes we do them all. And we do them well. We also belong to the Expression Engine Pro Network.

(Looking for the Greek version of this website? We've got it.)

Earth photo: NASA. Yiannis photo: Panic Eye.


Yiannis always seemed to contribute more than was expected both in terms of good ideas, solutions and good old fashioned hard work.
I've really enjoyed working with Yiannis and seeing his projects flourish. Snap him up before someone else does!
- Henny Swan


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