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Better websites and apps: digital products that feel better, work better and people love them.
This is what is all about porcupine colors, the creative face of Yiannis Konstantakopoulos.

Yiannis has been working for the Web for over than 15 years and he has helped many businesses and startups find their way online.

If this looks promising, take a look at his work below or send him an email.

Megaron Athens Concert Hall

The official website.

Role: UX Design / UI Design / Front-End development / Web Accessibility

Visit Megaron Athens Concert Hall


Big data against childhood obesity. An EU funded project that aims to help us understand children's behavioural patterns and their environment.

Role: UX Design / UI Design / Accessibility

Not avalable for download.


Eclectic tunes for music lovers with great taste. Arguably the best online radio station in Greece.

Role: UX Design / UI Design / Front-End development

Visit Offradio


Medicine, laboratories and a simpler way to have your check-up. Find the doctor you need and schedule an appointment without the hassle.

Role: UX Design / UI Design

Visit VriskoDiagnostiko.gr


A different way to digest on everyday news. Deep coverage of important events and strong opinions.

Role: UI Design

Visit Propago


Unique and delicious. Elaiopoulaki is a chicken raised with love and 100% plant food such as corn and olive oil.

Role: UI Design

Visit Elaiopoulaki

Politis Chios

Local and international news for the island of Chios, Greece.

Role: UI Design

Visit Politis Chios

Liolios Eyewear

Sunglasses and eyeglasses made by the most well known brands all around the world. An e-shop with style.

Role: UX Design / UI Design / Front-End development

Visit Liolios Eyewear

Little City Spots

Urban activities for adventurous parents and joyful kids. Good ideas, time well spent.

Role: UI Design

Visit Little City Spots

Astrology app

Not everyone believes in stars. But for those who do believe this is your app.

Role: UI Design

Astrology app for iOS Astrology app for Android

Stamatiou Homes

Connecting the building infrastructure with the natural environment, the climate, the needs of customers & the culture of each region.

Role: UI Design & Front-End Development

Visit Stamatiou Homes

Ktima Lemonies

A bunch of cozy villas in between a forest of lemon trees in Andros island. A little earthly paradise awaits for you.

Role: Front-End Development

Visit Ktima Lemonies


Finest category of a gourmet extra virgin olive oil, served in an equally great bottle. Make your meals taste and feel better.

Role: Front-End development / Shopify development

Visit Myst

Georgios Pessios

The professional website of Georgios Pessios. Georgios is a great iOS developer you'll definitely want to hire.

Role: Web Design / UI Design / Front-End development / Craft CMS Development

Visit Georgios Pessios


High quality design products for everyday people. Svørn is a fresh brand that pays tremendous attention to design. The results: their customers are 100% happy.

Role: Web design / Shopify development

Visit Svørn

Of The Greek Earth

Peaks, Plains and Pastures of the Greek Earth. A project about the finest products of Greek earth, a project of love and care.

Role: Web design / UI Design/ Art Direction

Visit Of The Greek Earth

Crete Home 4 you

Plots & Houses in Southern Crete. A real estate company that focuses on the needs of their clients, not theirs.

Role: Web design / UI Design/ Art Direction

Visit Crete Home 4 you


One of the most well known bakery houses in Greece. The brand includes various shops which attract thousands of customers, especially during the summer in Chalkidiki, Greece.

Role: UI design / Front-end development / Expression Engine development

Visit Fournos

Panic Eye

A small yet very special photography studio, which specializes in wedding and baptism photography. Panic Eye makes your moment last. No, really.

Role: UI design / UX design / Front-end development / Expression Engine development

Visit Panic Eye

AbZorba Games

AbZorba Games is a leader in gaming for iOS and Android ecosystems. The company has developed a series of apps which have been downloaded millions of times. Their fans? Absolutely dedicated.

Role: UI design / Front-end development

Visit AbZorba Games


Jupitee is a service which helps business owners or other professionals create their own iOS and Android apps with the minimum effort and price.

Role: UI design / Front-end development / Expression Engine development

Visit Jupitee


An online auction platform for people who love paper. eCharta is more than an ambitious startup; it is a place which aims to become the leader service when it comes to paper collectors.

Role: Information architecture / UI design / Front-end development

Visit eCharta

Mata Rozi

A project that combines both the professional and the personal face of its owner. Mata Rozi is a great professional in educational and consultative services.
(Available in Greek only.)

Role: UI design / Front-end development / Expression Engine development

Visit Mata Rozi


porcupine colors is the portfolio and creative face of Yiannis Konstantakopoulos. Yiannis is a web professional for more than 15 years. He works for individuals, companies and startups as a freelancer or as a part of a team and his work has been publicly recognized.

Yiannis believes in hard work, in serendipity and in good people.
Hard word is hard work, no further explanation is needed.
Serendipity is the byproduct of decent work, a happy accident that emerges when people are ready to recognize it. It takes time, it takes no rush, it takes open minds.
Good people are a prerequisite. Life is too short to be wasted with two-faced, insecure, cruel people. It's better to live and work with sincere and warm people.

Yiannis is a rationalist by choice. He has studied Physics (among other things) so this sound as a pretty inevitable consequence.
He controls entropy with tunes, colors, and typography. He is also an insignificant morning runner.

(Looking for the Greek version of this website? Here it is.)

City photo: National Geographic. Yiannis photo: Yiannis Ioakeimidis.

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Yiannis always seemed to contribute more than was expected both in terms of good ideas, solutions and good old fashioned hard work.
I've really enjoyed working with Yiannis and seeing his projects flourish. Snap him up before someone else does!
- Henny Swan


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