An unexpected, yet fantastic, help from iwantmyname

The first time I turned to iwantmyname was several years ago to register the domain name of this website.

Yes, there are hundreds of domain name registrars but this one seemed to follow a very simple and convenient procedure. And so it was.
Since then I did the same for a few more domain names and I kept being happy.

Recently in Greece we experienced and continue to experience capital controls enforced by the government. Which means that we are unable to use our credit/debid cards for all transactions abroad.

These days I got a notification by iwantmyname about the expiration of this domain name and the automatic renewal that comes next. Obviously this was not possible - my card was practically useless. I explained to the company that this hasn't got to with me but with a much broader and very bitter situation. Their response was a great surprise: they renewed my domain name for free!

I can't really express my gratitude: they trusted a stranger and they showed a great level of generosity. They did what they needed to do fast and they never made me feel bad - remember, a useless card is my problem, not theirs.
I think this is an unsurpassed level of customer service.

In case you haven't heard of iwantmyname, I think you should take a look at their services or their blog. And if you're thinking of a new domain name, iwantmyname is the perfect place to go and register it.

iwantmyname, thanks a ton!

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